Welcome to Vijayaayur.com

Vijay Ayur is a Ayurvedic Pharmacy Located in Mangalore. Founded by SATISH PANIKAR on December 6 2017.They have been treating complicated diseases through Ayurvedic medications. Basically they are the re-sellers of ayurvedic products such as Ayush ayurvedic medicines etc.

Ayurveda blends our modern lifestyle and health oriented habits with the ancient wisdom of using natural substances, medicines and herbs to help us lead a happy, stress free and disaster free life.

THE MAIN MOTTO OF AYURVEDA IS "SWASTHAYYA SWASTHY RAKSHANAM ATHURASHYAVIHARA PRASHAMANAM"It means treat healthy persons health properly and the the diseased persons respectively. it helps us to prevent us from disease as pervention is better than cure.

The firm is presently re-selling the products of Lion,SDP,SDL INDIA as well as selling their own products

Vijaya Ayurvedic Clinic is a renowned as one of the recognized suppliers of Ayurvedic medicines.Our products mainly consists of,

Novin oil-Pain,

 Kesh OJus - Hair Tonic,

 Danta Choorna- Dental Solutions,

Pramehari Choorna- Diabetes,

Dathupusti Leha


 Udarakalyana Leha-  Gastritis,

Nirmal Powder - Face Pack,

 Virechana Choorna - Constipation,

Sujala- Drinking Water Mix 

 Bala Chintamani taila- Baby oil


Dr Vani Panikar has completed B.A.M.S degree from A.L.N. Roa memorial ayurvedic college Koppa in the year 2007. She has also completed her 1 year internship in the field of ayurveda under various ayurvedic scholars and is having a experience of 12 yers in the field of ayurveda. She has successfully treated many ailments through ayurveda like gastrics, PCOD, obesity, respiratory symptoms, joint disorders etc.